Our Aim is to give confidence to all local people to be part of the creative design process and think about and submit ideas for how we make a problem public space a Place of Pride. Eventually we hope we can complete the actual transformation of the tunnel, which passes under Wyke Road, with an enduring top quality Mural. Go and have a look if you don’t already know it well. [It is also a good place to sing in and play music.]  Since it was refurbished we can see it could be a most brilliant space and it is an enormous canvas itching for something good to happen.

The tunnel – is irresistible!  The idea is that one complete brilliant mural would gain respect. We won’t forget the maintenance,  ad-hoc graffiti can be dealt with, washed off the applied  anti-graffiti clear top coat before it gets going. The new grey lining is beginning to attract random graffiti but we hope that these creative people and many others will be inspired to enter into the Competition and hopefully win a prize.

The Design Competition will be formally launched on Monday 6th Nov 2017 at our AGM 6pm at Weymouth Old Town Hall all welcome. Click here for the Entry Form.

There are bike count sensors on the Trail.  Figures indicate that over 1,013,800 people travel along the Trail each year by foot, buggy, scooter and bike.  The Tunnel is 47.3m long 6.2m high to the centre of ceiling.  It is a huge stunning canvas calling for a truly imaginative response – 826 square meters of spectacular potential!!  And it has an amazing acoustic resonance where local choirs choose to perform and passing public spontaneously sing and call out with enthusiasm.

We are planning some more open free workshops to lift ideas into action and have been talking to creative groups and students all of whom have been most enthralled with the possibilities and plan to get involved.  Local art teachers have warmly supported the idea as have Art Groups and individuals. We hope that the Young Offenders Institute and the Verne Immigration Removal  Centre will be able to submit entries.  The Exhibition will be a really exciting event where all design entries can be enjoyed, discussed and applauded. Exhibition visitors can vote for the prize for most popular submission.  Exciting Jurors will be awarding prizes for the Entry Categories – selected to inspire lateral thinking:  ‘Narrative’, ‘Abstract’, ‘Nature’, ‘Manmade’, ‘The Future’, ‘The Past’, ‘Music’, ‘Science’ .  We will be seeking local sponsors for these prizes – please make contact if you would like to help! We thank Sherrens  Printers for their very valuable contributions thus far.  The design chosen for our campaign  to fund the actual Mural will have to be not only the best but also to be able to be translated into practical reality.  We will ask entrants to agree to their artwork being used in full or in part in combination with others for the final Mural.

The thing about a design project is the delight of being introduced to other people’s ideas and stuff one would never think of oneself.  We see this project as an ideal way for different people with different ideas to connect and be connected.

With this assisted career changing chance of a lifetime a completed Mural covering the entire tunnel surface will be stunning.  To design is to believe in the future.  We aim to make it happen.  First we need that absolutely brilliant Idea.  Whether you are passionate about music or cupcakes or anything else family friendly your ideas could be a delight to others.
We aim to make people smile.  Enter the Competition!!  Do not worry about the size of the tunnel have a look at our guide How to think in Miniature and have some fun with your phone camera.

People around the world have made ordinary places amazing and we can do that too.

Whether we draw on the past to imagine the future what interests us as individuals can be envisioned in a new form on this tunnel canvas and shown to others.  Public Art shares ideas with all who pass-by.  It is a very big conversation presented to the viewer.  You meet the mural in what ever way you wish and having seen something on the wall that is new you can speculate on what is there and perhaps take your ideas about it that the work has prompted with with you to a new place. . . .

The Friends of the Rodwell Trail with agreement from Weymouth and Portland Borough Council propose to create a Mural proudly achieved by Community Involvement and Local Talent.  The Mural design will be selected by a free Open Competition together with a Public Exhibition where we can organise maximum press coverage and razzmatazz.

The final ambition is to paint the Mural. If at all possible we hope that the painting will be carried out by upskilled local young people guided and facilitated by the experienced local international artist Peter Sheridan and of course we hope that the winning designer(s) will take a lead too.


Creating and painting and working in a team is the most fun and inclusive way for the whole community to participate. We are offering primer workshops to initiate design ideas and build confidence.  The first will be on Civic Pride Day 17th June 1pm – 4pm at Sandsfoot Castle Gardens free and family friendly.  This impressive big Mural will be very memorable to all those who have helped to make it happen and we look forward to sharing that enormous satisfaction as we travel up and down the Trail well into the future.

This Mural will become one of the attractions for Weymouth visitors and for locals a place of pride.

In the coming days and weeks we will be seeking funding and grants.

We would like to share with you some brilliant examples of where ordinary places have been made extraordinary by street art.  This is by artist INSA and is Gifi-iti you can visit it in New Cross and view the animation by downloading an app – Augmented Reality could come to Weymouth.

isnt this amazing – by Joos ‘DOES’ van Barneveld
by Martin Ron Lisbon

felipe pantone okuda mexico

Banksy a british phenomenon who expands how we think about creativity.

Bill Weber tells you about his town

Guido van Helten put the town of Brim on the world map, street art tourism is real phenomenon.
this is a Unionist mural on Montrose Street South, Belfast as a memorial to David Ervine.  Weymouth has a very different history but as they say a “picture is worth a thousand words” Perhaps there is an event here in Weymouth that we should immortalise?

Amy Whiten, Rory Laycock, Ali Wylie have been supported by EventScotland – who work effectively by funding local public art making Scotland the perfect stage for events.  Public art is Public Pride

The artist Blu mural shows you his way of thinking and shares his ideas online with an interactive  sketch book – wow!

Tourist flock to see the Sistine Chapel in Rome and as this photo of  this Romanian Monestry shows ceilings are well worth seeking out.  Certainly a geometric pattern can lead a design to stunning effect.

Connecting objects from a completely different world to another can have a lot of design mileage as can changing the usual size of things. Megx in Wuppertal have happily been inspired by playing with Lego.

MVRDV in Rotterdam saw the pleasure in decorating this public space.
Hyuro is a female street artist who thinks outside the box.  This mural in Copenhagen works as a giant flip book. Click on her link to view her video! Our Tunnel is perceived very differently wooshing down through on a bike or like many slowly turning the peddles going up hill.

This project is a chance to try new ways to think about creating ideas and perhaps you could adopt someone else’s ideas just for a little for a while not to steal them but to be inspired as you work away building something which becomes really yours.  In this way you build on all our knowledge and the way you adapt things and change them and bring something of you to the work is the way to new imaginings.  When you have finished your design it is yours, it has become your way of thinking, and we look at it and speculate.

Art is all about communicating an idea, a way of thinking, a way of seeing and each design has its creators heart imbedded in it.

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