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So when you have your design sheet which needs to be 95cm long and 35cm high thick of it as the tunnel surface in miniature – this is 50 times smaller than reality. In this world you draw a thing the size of a real 5p coin and in reality it is the size of an old dustbin lid. In the diagram above each square is 1m x 1m and you can see from the human figure where the eye line is and thus what the first thing on the wall a visitor might look at in detail.
Look at this design and imagine rolling the sheet into the tunnel shape. The people sitting down are actually going to look at the people standing up on the other side!

and the human figure shows you that these people are huge that if this was painted in our tunnel then when you went to see it you would be looking at their knees and high above you would be their faces – massive
so get started and then either roll your sheet to imagine or even better make a quick scale model from cereal boxs. Then you can pop your idea into this miniature world with a miniature person or even loads of little people and take some photos and you will be right there – in your scale world – creating something special!
You always have some fun using the video on your phone too . . . .

You might like to work out all your ideas on your computer and paste images into a photograph of the tunnel – it is an exciting way to start.  Just remember we need entries to be in the flat format 95cm  x 35cm because to paint onto the surface of the tunnel we need to know what goes where.  So work in what ever medium you are happy with – collage, mix media, computer graphics – but plan to print it out for your eventual submission as a flat design that we will hang alongside everyone else’s entry.

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