we are delighted that Local based International artists Peter Sheridan, David Smith and Liz Wright are our expert Judges.  They will have the task of not only selecting Theme winners and Runners up but also the best design or combined designs to actually be painted in the Tunnel. The Exhibition will show all the submitted Entries.

Peter Sheridan is extra special because he has agreed to facilitate the wining design onto the Tunnel surface as well as – most importantly – to train a committed group of Local Young People to have the skills to be the Volunteer Team of Mural Painters – planned for August 2018.
Liz Wright work quickly connects with local memories and places reminding us of how particular things and asking us to look very carefully at all the work at the Exhibition.
David Smith well known for his Abstract Conceptual Drawings will challenge viewer’s perceptions and remind people of the power of combining mixed media in their search to communicate.

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