the paper you work on must be 95cm x 35xm because that is 50 times smaller than the real tunnel.  We all need to work at this same size so that the idea can be easily translated into the Tunnel when we paint.

At the workshop on the 10th Nov we handed out some free sheets.

You can source paper for yourself by buying a roll and cutting 35cm width off and then trimming the length to 95cm or by taping standard paper sizes A3 or A2 together and trimming off the excess to make the size right.  It is best to have the joints running over the tunnel, not along the length of the tunnel, so the paper is happy to roll into tunnel shape and we suggest that A4 paper would be a bit stubborn – so no drawing for that – use your imagination.

You can buy 42″ rolls of paper online and the cheapest we have found when looking was £14.88 inc VAT and that would give you 142 sheets if you are careful. When you are searching online “1067mm paper roll”  the key issues are roll weight 90gms is good and the roll length – must be longer than 950mm – thus 42″ is the old imperial standard at 1067mm and good.

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