All of the bins situated on the Trail will be removed.
FoRT are pleased to report that the order has been placed for the new Rodwell Trail bins which takes 2 – 4 weeks to arrive. They are the big sort which house a wheelie bin and emptied from the road by machine, safer for the people emptying, so the siting will be different and will take a bit of getting used to. The gap in bins between Sandsfoot and Wyke Road is of concern and FoRT have asked all the hard questions and can tell you that there is more to bin locations than you might think. Just remember “would you like a bin outside your house? “ before you add to the uproar on where they are placed. We are all monitoring the situation and if wind blowing litter out of the bins at Whitehead Drive or Osprey Road becomes the problem then we could all do some fund raising for the additional £90 per bin to get more openings blocked off.
Actually, the Trail will be better of if we can get everybody behaving – please. There will be a Dorset Waste Partnership foot patrol litter pick every Monday – best after the week end. AND a Dorset Waste Partnership foot patrol litter pick and a mechanical sweep fortnightly on a Monday. If you see it happening please smile at the people tasked and maybe take a picture to post.
Dumping litter is simply not on and dumping or leaving dog poo is a real nasty habit. Think of others and get practical – work out your route and where the new bins will be and use them – or take you rubbish home.
New locations for larger capacity bins:
• Whitehead Drive entrance
• Osprey Rd entrance
• Doncaster Rd (increase size)
• Sandsfoot Court entrance
• Wyke Rd entrance
• Prince of Wales Rd Entrance (Top)
• Newstead Rd (Additional on opposite side to existing bin)
• Newstead Rd (existing)
The Abbotsbury Rd bin will remain unchanged
The Trail is a wonderful beautiful place, next to the sea, let’s not let litter mess things up. Protect and respect – please continue to post any issues – it really helps us get things sorted.

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