We would love you to join us for three weeks this summer to help spray paint the winning design onto the tunnel wall, which will take place if we can get sufficient funding.
If you are interested, training start is planned for 26th and 27th July for 2 days. If you able to join us please reply to mural@klaentschi.co.uk with your details, stating your age, and in a very few words why you are interested in the project. You will then put the training into action in the following three weeks planned for Monday 30th July – 18th August 2018; there is a £25 deposit for a personal respirator and overall which is refunded at the end of the project.
Each trainee with be supported keeping a personal skills Record with a place for individual expectations, progress and self-assessment. Being a very Visual enterprise the emphasis will be on photographs and videos to build up a Portfolio as support for future career ambitions.

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