Benches on the Rodwell Trail – Dorset Countryside are replacing both at Whitehead Drive ends with FoRT paying for one. The commemorative plaques will be transferred so that the historical importance of this place is properly marked.
The wooden bench seaward of Dover Road / Douglas Road is also in our to do list.
The type of bench we are looking at is this:
The bench in Sandsfoot Castle Gardens has been out of action for a while and Weymouth Town Council has a lot of this type so its a problem.  Hopefully it will be sorted out soon.  FoRT think its really a design fault.
FoRT will be thinking up some fund raisers that we hope you will support. Basically when the Trail moved to Dorset Council no budget for its upkeep was provided.FoRT are doing everything we can to raise its profile and make people appreciate how wonderful an asset it is.So if you care please help – by not littering and sharing news and please sign the petition to STOP PORTLAND WASTE INCINERATOR as this will have an impact on the Trail visible and through pollution.

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