FoRT attended the public meeting last night. The room was full and local Councillors were present and contributed. One had visited a similar installation and spoken to local people who live nearby.
The team presenting had diligently and accurately researched the issues and presented this as dispassionately as possible.

This information affects everyone and particularly people who live within the 10-kilometer radius or who come here on holiday.

Talking to people prior to the meeting there have been comments like: we need this provision as landfill is not good; that they will fit carbon capture on the chimney and filter all the toxic output to safe levels. All these points and more were scrutinized during the presentation and found invalid.

Please look at all the information. Please think of ways you can reduce CO2 by reducing waste at source.

Please calculate your own household Carbon Footprint; it’s easy go online. Yes, you can do many things to combat Climate Change. “How every household can help reduce the UK’s carbon footprint. 40% of UK emissions come from households’, “Independent Committee on Climate Change, advisors to Government.

Protecting the environment needs your support. Please make your representations to your MP, your local Councillors and to Dorset Council Climate and Ecological Emergency Request for Ideas submission before 28 February 2020. The Rodwell Trail is an important ecological resource and FoRT seeks your help in supporting our initiatives.

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