we started this project over a year ago with our formal launch  last November and here we are with the Mural Exhibition and Awards Night 23rd March 2018 we had such wonderful Entries!!
Saint-Gobain Weber manufacturers of the Tunnel render lining – our fabulous Prizes Sponsors – big thankyous to them! – we gave out £1,000 in prizes
The young helpers providing free “mocktails” – a credit to themselves and STEPS Club for Young People – such a great place to hold an Event!
the Mayor really enjoyed his mocktail






















and all the lovely people who came to see the wide range of Designs and a big thank you for everyone who supported the kick off of our Sponsor Grid raising £5 for each square meter of tunnel surface – you will be hearing a lot more about this soon!  See all the Entries – click
here.  And to see all the Entries viewed in the Tunnel – click here.

Liz Wright – a Competition Judge – congratulated all the people who designed an entry and commended them to keep on being creative and the judges Special Prizes where awarded.
Paula Klaentschi briefly explained how the Competition came about and that next the Friends of Rodwell Trail will be out there seeking Young Painting Volunteers to be Trained and to have the wonderful experience of working with Peter Sheridan painting the actual Mural in the Tunnel.
Everyone wanted to know which design had won!

Peter Sheridan explained that he had been drawn to the one with this one by Busy Bees as the honey comb idea really suited working with trainees and structuring how to paint the mural in the Tunnel. The potential is there to adjust the size of the honey comb to manageable template sizes and the idea was to incorporate various motifs and details from other Competition Entries into the work.
One person was concerned that the actual mural would not simply be “the winning design” and this was discussed. Whilst that is an understandable view the greater enthusiasm was for Peter Sheridan to work with as many of the Entry Ideas so that many more people could be proud of their contribution. The Tunnel is huge and there is lots of scope to develop. The 1:50closeAn error occurred. scale plywood Tunnel model on show at the Exhibition has Peter Sheridan’s first draft on view for comment and visitors were encouraged to have a look and write in the visitors book any comments.


















so the hunt is on, more Funding is needed, and those Volunteer Young Painters – please come forward and join those who have already said yes

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