after all the preparation the Exhibition at STEPS Club for Young People was organised and hung to exhibit all the Entries and to explain why Creativity and Art matters as well as to celebrate those wonderful people and businesses that have sponsored us to date. Only the Entries which won prizes had their ID envelops opened. The Judges reassigned some work into a different Theme Category.  For how each entry looks in 3D in the Tunnel click here


Narrative Runner Up Prize £25, by Sandra Fretwell

Narrative First Prize £100, by Sophie Fretwell

Judges Special prize for the “World in our Tunnel” £50, by Holly Thomas


The Past Runner Up Prize £25, by Xander Evans and Judges Special Prize £50 for the Design that the Judges kept returning to most often to discuss.

The Past First Prize £100, by Lauren Barfoot

all the prize money was given by our sponsors Saint-Gobain Weber and presented by the Mayor and Mayoress.


Science Runner Up Prize £25, by Rachel Binnie

Science First Prize £100, By Busy Bees years 1 & 2 St Nicholas & St Laurence Primary School


Music Runner Up Prize £25, by Adam Rouse

Music First Prize £100, by Martyn Smith


Nature Runner Up Prize £25, by Fiona Raynes

Nature First Prize £100, by Chris Purkis

Manmade Runner Up Prize £25, by Kristian Chapman & Adam Rouse

Manmade First Prize £100 by Danny Malpas


Abstract Runner Up Prize 325, by Fiona Raynes.  She designed two corner white rectangles and the two corner white circles where selected quotes are proposed so that as you pass through the Tunnel you read these gems.

Abstract First Prize £100, by Mark Thomson

the Audience Star Prize was funded by everybody who attended the Ceremony who wishes to purchase a strip of 9 stars which they placed on the work or works of their choice. 42 strips were purchased and this raised a prize of £42.
The design with most stars was by Sandra Fretwell who was delighted

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