Gosh a new year is coming our way and yesterday at the Bike Security Event on the Rodwell Trail 15 new members joined us. 

Just to remind you what we are about:

FoRT is a volunteer Friends group established to work in partnership with both landowners and to liaise with other formal bodies such as Natural England, English Heritage, Dorset Wildlife Trust, Dorset Coastal Forum, Dorset’s Important Geological Sites group (DIGS) and Sustrans.  FoRT’s overall vision is:

  • To support the maintenance and enhancement of the Rodwell Trail and Sandsfoot Castle Gardens as safe open areas of natural, recreational and historical importance for the mutual benefit of local people, visitors and wildlife.
  • To recognise the importance of biodiversity and geodiversity and the sustainable integration of walking, cycling and play areas within the heritage landscape and green infrastructure.
  • To carry out planned projects and events to reinforce this ethos and connect the local community to its assets.

FoRT will exercise due diligence to strive for good and safe access for all; working to reinforce mutual respect and inclusivity for all users, even when there are conflicts of interest.  FoRT will annually review all relevant legislation and obligations appropriate to a community group and implement where practicable.

FoRT will maintain a repository of significant events, features including history, wildlife and geology which has been uploaded onto the FoRT website. This resource and will be expanded as more information is collected.

FoRT, in partnership with Dorset Council, aims to work towards securing and maintaining Local Nature Reserve status for the Rodwell Trail.  Dorset Council supports and advises FoRT and also provides FoRT with the necessary Public Indemnity Insurance for approved activities on the Trail.

FoRT, in partnership with Weymouth Town Council, aims to assist in keeping the status of the ‘Green Flag Award’ for Sandsfoot Castle Gardens. Weymouth Town Council supports and advises FoRT and also provides FoRT with the necessary Public Indemnity Insurance for approved activities in the Gardens.

The membership fee of £1 is for each year as a token of your support.  It can be sent to us via ebanking to
Friends of Rodwell Trail
Bank code: 60-23-35
Act Number: 82040699  quote your membership number ref: ***

or – which may be easier – via Sandsfoot Café who are collecting for us

or – at the AGM

Your membership is important to us as it guides what we do and how we can seek funding from other bodies. ***If you haven’t got a membership number send an email to fortweymouth@gmail.com

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