This post is here to start you thinking about designing a Mural to be painted in our Tunnel.
The selected pictures are not prescriptive – none of these images are there to say “do it like this” they are to encourage a widening of sources for your own direction in thinking – a possible start in the adventure of Ideas – should you need a shove.  Have a look at our page “How to think in Miniature”

The manufacturer of the sprayed render used to renovate the Tunnel has become one of our amazing sponsors Saint-Gobain Weber has pledged £1000 to be divided for 1st Prizes. As categories rather than separate entrants we wish to join those who have ideas which connect in some way. For this to happen and to start a Big Conversation we have chosen 8 “Themes” which are as expansion prompts but absolutely not to limit your ideas. We hope that they may encourage you to think much more diversely and challenge new ways of imaging especially for this tunnel where we will be able to walk into, under and through your design.  Sometimes you may start with something you have come across and whilst working on that beginning things will change and as you work.  Your work becomes yours. Being inspired by someone else is fine just don’t copy their work – use their idea as a place to start or a place to depart from, a reference.  Knowledge is built on what has already been achieved and we all can share and stand on the shoulders of our forbears to reach new places. Or jump in and follow your own interests, explore your own inclinations, be free and allow your ideas to grow.  Give your voice wings, shape, colour and vigour!

ABSTRACT - non-representational, non-realistic, non-pictorial, symbolic, impressionistic – PATTERNS -
nothing is restricted so you could also think:
theoretical, conceptual, notional, intellectual, metaphysical, philosophical, academic; hypothetical, speculative, conjectural, conjectured, suppositional, putative;
suppositious, suppositive, ideational, “abstract concepts such as love and beauty”

NARRATIVE – tell us all a story.  It could be all said in one picture as you draw our attention to one place on the wall to another place as we move through the tunnel.  It could be a story told as a sequence of events like turning a page one page after another.  You can also tell a tale by placing things not in a line but in relationship to each other like a tarot reading. Sometimes important things are made bigger or more vivid – you will find your own way to emphasise the excitement in your story. Narratives are yours to tell or retell.  Don’t forget a Picture is worth a thousand Words!.  Words added of course are OK too.

NATURE – the natural world – you may be interested in anything and everything from the solar system to the smallest organism?  You may be inspired by the colours vibrancy and life around you or from far off places.  Your interpretation is what is interesting.  We want to imagine, through your eyes, looking up to the ceiling of the tunnel to what is overhead.  We want to walk past your selection of life of our world or worlds and see what you show us – small or large – miniature or enlarged.  Scale is yours to play with. Actually everything is for you to play with if it feels good to you it will also make us smile.

manMADE – what us humans have been industrious about – it is not a gender issue! Things, Objects, Artifacts all have hours of human endeavor locked in. Show us what you find fascinating and well made. Objects of desire – show us. Objects of such enormity or such wonder – show us. Things are to be used and made to work they have a purpose. Some things can be repurposed and given new meaning.  Some things are made more interesting by you putting them into new places . . . .  Things are made, things are made to be made. Make something and remake yourself . . . .

THE PAST what is your history? what is our history? when does history get interesting? Do we learn lessons for the future from the past? when does the past become history? Memories are private and shared. Are there things which we have forgotten? What do you want us to remember?

THE FUTURE is when our imagination is our guide. What do you envision for the future? Are there things which we need for the Future? How are places going to changes? Are there ambitions you have? Can you make a map which we can follow in this time travel as we traverse the Tunnel?

SCIENCE and knowledge of how things are an expanding horizon. Where will your exploration into the known and questions about the unknown take you? Will you show us your fascinations, your enquiries, your facts and figures, how you gather things of importance, your “bag” of important information – please we want to share your concerns and interests.

MUSIC the poetry of sound, a way to reach our soul, a connection to our heritage, an emblem of our hopes and dreams. From the connection with the lyrics to the means of recording music, noise, sounds and silence let us echolocate where we are – who we are – who they are. Please share and show us what “Music” in perhaps all its forms or in a particular way can mean to you.

This post is here to start you thinking about designing a Mural to be painted in our Tunnel.
The Competition Entry Form and Dates can be found by clicking here.

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