the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation

Dorset Council are now also our refuse collection service.  In these terrible times we all must work together to protect ourselves and our key workers.  Please keep up todate with Dorset Council information.  Today its a warning about public Street Collections: “But with the current public health measures introduced around the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, there

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Change & Stuff!!!

Times are changing – taking care – washing hands – not littering – its all about protection – our environment is our home. Make friends with our responsibility to ourselves and our neighbours. Yesterday in 1hr FoRT pulled this lot out of the entrance to the Trail and in front of the sea bench. The

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Benches on the Rodwell Trail – Dorset Countryside are replacing both at Whitehead Drive ends with FoRT paying for one. The commemorative plaques will be transferred so that the historical importance of this place is properly marked. The wooden bench seaward of Dover Road / Douglas Road is also in our to do list. The

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Suggest Litter Bins

Trail litter bins all change

All of the bins situated on the Trail will be removed. FoRT are pleased to report that the order has been placed for the new Rodwell Trail bins which takes 2 – 4 weeks to arrive. They are the big sort which house a wheelie bin and emptied from the road by machine, safer for

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Seeking Practical Mud Loving Volunteers Tuesday4th February??

Dorset Important Geological Sites [DIGS] have done some more work on the Dripping Well Project today – nice wet day as usual!! There is another work day planned for Tuesday 4th February and if you would like to get involved with mud, water and improvements they are forming a wetland pond area and would welcome

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seeking funding for some spring native wild flowers

We are seeking funding for some spring native wild flowers from this lottery fund. Should it arrive would you like to help plant??? https://www.celebratenationallottery25.com/… In partnership with Dorset’s Important Geological Sites Group (DIGS) and Dorset Council, we are working in stages to improve drainage, geodiversity, biodiversity and public perception at this location. In this former

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Litter Pick -Dec 2019

December Litter Pick

Calling all FoRT members and followers and everyone who would like to join our Christmas Litter Pick – everyone welcome Saturday 7th Dec 9:30 meet at Sandsfoot Cafe to Litter Pick the Rodwell Trail Join FoRT at Cafe at 11am for free Mince Pie and get together

bAGM 2019


At this year’s Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Rodwell Trail and Sandsfoot Castle Gardens we will be voting on ratifying our new Constitution, reviewing the details of the years achievements, hearing from both the Councils’ managers, invited Neighbourhood Policing Team and local Councilors. We are so pleased to welcome Bryan Edwards Ecologist to

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bAGM 2019

Membership 2019-2020

Gosh a new year is coming our way and yesterday at the Bike Security Event on the Rodwell Trail 15 new members joined us.  Just to remind you what we are about: FoRT is a volunteer Friends group established to work in partnership with both landowners and to liaise with other formal bodies such as

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Mark your Bike – if your bike is lost & found it can be returned to you

Weymouth Neighbourhood Policing Team will be holding a bike security marking event on the Rodwell Trail on Saturday 28th September. We will be on the Trail near to the entrance of Parr Way and Sandsfoot Castle from 13:00 to 15:00.