A workable solution in sight? Today the area supervisor for Trolleywise [who are paid by ASDA to collect their trolleys] made special contact and we are please to announce that they too think a trolley hanging around is bad news.  We have asked them to provide a padlock with a key for local people to secure the trolley(s) and one for their van driver to enable collection.  Firstly it would be good if the trolleys stayed at ASDA but at least this way the are captured, secured and notified for collection.

Trolley number 5 was again collected by Pete the ASDA Trolley site man.

so far this year 3 trolleys have been removed from Sandsfoot Cove and Castle Cove beaches and one is still on the beach submerged in sand.  Who thinks this is a way to enjoy such beautiful places?! Each one arrived via the trail and each one slow to be collected by ASDA . In the past Parks Department took them away but this is a silly waste of Council time.  So action!! -  this last trolley has been captured on Monday 11th June and ASDA has been contacted via their Trolleywise Service and this is being tested -  no action or idea when it will be redeemed on day 4 so phoned again – still no action. The Trolleywise service has failed we have sent them feedback.

Dorset Waste Partnership have been informed as too the Litter Enforcement Scheme. FoRT feel this merits a £70 fine as it is troublesome littering and a real time waster.

A week later 18th June FoRT phoned and went into store. They are willing to send an employee from site except they are short staffed till Saturday! Luckily we were able to give ASDA employee a lift and he walked the trolley back down the trail. So this trolley is sorted but what about the next and the next one? A workable and speedy solution is needed.

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